About me

I have always had a keen interest in all kinds of sports and challenging activities. Watching and participating I love them all. At university I, along with some mates, got involved in an extreme sports club, did a lot of climbing and rallying but I am now married with children and those activities not only freak my wife out but can be rather costly! So for now I am more of a watcher than active participant – although been known to sneak into the odd rally car for a drive! I thought this blog might be an interesting way to share my love of all extreme activities and keep me updated about what is going on. Maybe not as much of an adrenaline rush as I would want but fun all the same.
Living in Canada we have the most wonderful areas that allow us to indulge in most of the sports anyone would wish, either collectively or individually, for personal challenge or competitively. One thing I would note is that most of the people I have ever met during my active time have had an awareness of the need to not damage our fabulous terrain and to be involved in the clean up and protection of these areas. I will be looking for input that this is still happening because if not we need to be on the ball and quickly highlight any areas, companies, individuals that are not respecting these areas and ensure that they know this is not acceptable.
So as for any blog please feel free to join in with comments or info on your particular Xtreme experience – I need YOUR input to make this interesting…

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